The Generational Gap Between Spanish Women

I'm now like the hundreds of thousands of other young Spanish women who are finishing their studies and trying to enter the workforce. Sure - we are from different hemispheres, speak different languages, and have different views on when long pants are appropriate - but us Australian women aren't really that distinct from our Spanish counterparts. That is, until you take a look at the older generation. [...]

Seven Spanish Sayings You Need To Add To Your Vocabulary

I love the Spanish language for its versatility; the way you can play with diminutive suffixes, hispanising English nouns, and how very common expressions make actually no sense whatsoever. It's my passion for the latter that has gotten me into the habit of using such common expressions in their direct English translations; telling people to "go straight to the branch" or I'll "give them a pineapple". I'm making fetch happen. [...]

Six Months, Six Defining Moments in Spain

It's hard to believe that just over six months ago I was boarding 30-hour flight for my second stint of long-term livin' la vida loca in Spain. From where I began; huddled by a bucket of hot coals in a tiny, backwater pueblo - to where I am now; living in my own apartment, (hopefully temporarily) unemployed, and battling the Spanish bureaucracy; and all the things that have happened in between. [...]

Six Spanish Habits You Shouldn’t Pick Up

There are many things the Spanish do right; drinking, crazy fiestas, elaborate processions and the arts among them - but then there are the things that they also do oh-so wrong. Anyone who has lived for a time in Spain, and even more so with a Spanish partner or roommates, will have noticed a few of the... ahem... stranger things that they are accustomed to doing. [...]

T-Shirts My Colegio Students Wear

English is the new French. It's chic, it's cool and it's on trend; especially printed in big, bold letters on a 9-year-old kid's T-Shirt. But unfortunately English words on clothing items are akin to Chinese symbol tattoos - they don't often mean what you think they do. [...]

The Five Best Spots For Tapas in Seville

It's often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Spanish cuisine; bite-sized, flavoursome little pieces of food called tapas. Tapear is akin to shouting '¡guapa!' at La Virgen during Semana Santa, or riding in a horse-drawn carriage during La Feria - authentically sevillano. [...]

My Most Awkward Spanish Moments

I'm prone to awkward moments in any context, but add a second language to the equation, and the uncomfortable situation rate doubles. Learning Spanish means navigating the world of false friends, innuendo and double entendre. [...]

How to Keep Fit in Spain, Land of Tapas

If last week was Semana Santa, then this week is Semana Sana. After seven days, more than 20 processions and an embarrassing amount of microwave meals and frozen pizzas, I can barely muster the energy to hang the washing out on la azotea. Here's how I'm going to get back into shape. [...]
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