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The Longest Haul is a travel blog focused on long-term and slow travel, as well as living and working abroad as an expat. Whether it’s a short, weekend trip, a months-long, multi-country tour, or a stint of living abroad, The Longest Haul is for the savvy, curious traveller, wanting to get as much out of a destination as possible.

It’s for travel lovers and cultural enthusiasts, people living abroad and others dreaming of doing it; the blog aims to inspire and aid people to start a new life or career overseas, away from the place they normally call ‘home’.

The Longest Haul also has a digital marketing focus for other travel bloggers and digital nomads; the blogging series is full of advice, help and hacks with social media, SEO and writing.

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About Danika


Untitled design (1)Hi, I’m Danika, the writer behind The Longest Haul. Originally from Australia, after finishing two degrees in journalism and international studies, I moved to Seville, southern Spain, where I’m now based.

In between blogging, working in digital and social media marketing, and copious amounts of tapas, I travel to various locations across Europe from my Spanish base.

I’ve always been a huge history buff – my idea of heaven is a city that oozes culture and past, and I love to savour every location as if I were a local.IMG_2024

That’s where the idea behind The Longest Haul comes from; adapting to life in Spain – its people, music, food, language – makes me want even more from everywhere I visit. I don’t just want to scratch the surface of a new city – I want to know how it functions, how it thinks and moves.

People watching is my favourite sport.


I graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney, with a BA in Journalism and a BA in International Studies, majoring in Spanish studies and transnational media. I also spent a year studying at the University of Granada, in Spain. I’m bilingual in both English and Spanish.

Previously, I’ve worked in both radio and television for the local and sports divisions of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I’ve also worked for Popular Science magazine and the Australian Football Federation, and had my writing featured in Verge Magazine, Hijacked Magazine, Métier Magazine, among several others.

I have an extensive background in online writing and marketing, specifically with social media. I’m also experienced in SEO and enjoy learning CSS and HTML coding in my spare time.

And finally, this blog for me is a labour of love. It’s a brilliant creative outlet that I use to share, vent and inspire others. I love to connect with and hear from other like-minded travellers, expats, and aspiring nomads. Please, follow me via the links below:


You can also get in touch with me here.

Work with me

I’m available to work with likeminded partners on projects with The Longest Haul.

I opened the month in Ronda and Setenil

My extensive experience in both writing and marketing means that I can design, develop and promote tailor-made blog posts and series for external organisations, featuring products, destinations, experiences and accommodation.

I also work in social media management and content/digital marketing on behalf of external parties, such as fellow travel bloggers, small companies, start ups, and tourism boards.

The Longest Haul attracts an ever-expanding and highly engaged audience of young, savvy travellers, interested in meaningful, cultural experiences.

If you’re interested in working with me, get in touch here with the details of your project.

Currently, I do not accept guest posts.

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