Why Aussie Andaluza has been laid to rest

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Hello there! If you’ve arrived here looking for Aussie Andaluza, or you were already a subscriber and have received this post in your inbox, you might be feeling a little confused. But don’t despair! You’re in the right place. Aussie Andaluza is no more; it’s now known as The Longest Haul. Here, I explain why…

Blogging is a labour of love. Sure, it’s a great creative outlet; a space where I can write however I want, about whatever I want, a place to vent, motivate myself and share my adventures with loved ones at home. But, it’s also really hard to keep up – especially when their aren’t a great deal of people reading it.


Blogging more ‘seriously’ isn’t something I really thought about too much, even after eight months and almost 50 posts on Aussie Andaluza. That is, until I found myself with a serious lack of motivation (turns out a full-time job will do that to your extracurricular activities), and started searching other, more established blogs for an answer.

That’s when I came across this guy. Johnny Ward is the founder of travel blog OneStep4Ward and holder of way more energy than I could ever hope to possess. He’s on a quest to visit every country in the world (at the time of writing, he’s already visited 162 of 193), runs a crazy successful travel blog and his own digital media company, and has managed to become a millionaire in the process. All in all, he’s a pretty inspirational/hard-working/extraordinarily lucky dude.

While I’d like to be rich as much as the next person, making big bucks is not the reason I’m blogging. But, there was a story in one of his posts that really stuck with me, about his early stages as a travel blogger:

“I remember getting 2 visitors a day but I persevered. After a month or so it was 20 people, suddenly you start getting doubts about whether it’s worth your time. A measly 100 people a month or so is all you have to show for all your hard work and investment. Maybe I should just quit, I’m not cut out for this at all.”

That perfectly explains exactly where I’m at right now.

I’m averaging about 250 unique views a month which, to be honest, is pretty cool. 250 people reading my ramblings on a monthly basis. But, it still doesn’t feel like enough of a reward for all my hard work. I want to not only write for a larger audience, but connect with them; discuss with, share, and discover other like-minded travellers. Sometime, when I publish a post, I kind of feel like I’m just shouting into thin air – I need outside interaction to motivate me.

So, that’s how I ended up here. At The Longest Haul.


I felt like, with Aussie Andaluza, I had kind of reached the end of where I could go with it. I felt limited by the name, like I could only really write about being an Australian expat in Andalusia, and that anything else would look out of context.

The Longest Haul comes from a number of meanings; firstly, a focus on long-term travel. Being away from the place you call home for a really long time, living in different locations, adapting to and immersing yourself in new cultures and lifestyles. Secondly, the word ‘haul’ doesn’t just refer to a stint of time, but also a physical object – sort of like a load, if you will.

In my new line of work in digital marketing and social media, I’ve found a bit of a passion. I’ve realised I’m actually quite good at it, and enjoy sharing my expertise with others. So, I also want to start writing about online marketing for other bloggers – from strategies, to tools, ideas, theories and advice.


With a new, flashy blog, a new name, and a new direction, I’m feeling newly inspired. Now, my reach extends beyond just my current base in Seville, Spain, to the rest of the world.

And now for a bit of shameless self-promotion/pleading; please, subscribe to my blog via the options on the right-hand side or below. Make it worth my while and, I promise, I’ll make it worth yours!

Thanks for joining me on this new chapter,




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