The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Granada

From free tapas to a visit to the Alhambra, getting lost in the Albaicin and finding the perfect view: the best things to see, do and experience in this detailed local’s guide to Granada.

international jobs for english speakers

5 International Jobs for English Speakers (that aren’t teaching)

Five ways to find international jobs for English speakers, outside the scope of English teaching (and as a native speaker, you’re already at a huge advantage you probably didn’t know about).

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5 Reasons to Make 2016 the Year of Slow Travel

Forget taking quick trips or drawn out tours with stops in every capital city. 2016 is the year of slow travel – and here’s why you need to jump on the trend. Slow travel is the perfect euphemism for my laziness.


How to Find your Travel Blogger Niche

A simple way to carve out your own travel blogger niche – and why it’s so important to have one.

5 signs that you're a floater

5 Signs You’re a ‘Floater’

Do you have friends from all different places? Are you always on the go? Then you, my friend, might just be a ‘floater’.

how to make your travel blog number one on google

SEO Part Two: How to Make Your Travel Blog Number One on Google

In the second instalment of the series on SEO for travel bloggers, we look at the best way to get your travel blog to number one on Google.

the blue mosque in istanbul

How 24 Hours in Istanbul Rid Me of my Travel Fears

How an unexpected 24 hours in Istanbul, in the midst of the city’s infamous riots, rid me of my fears as a solo female traveller.

make your travel blog stand out from the rest

How to Make your Travel Blog Stand Out

There’s one simple trick which will make your travel blog stand out from the rest.



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The view of parliament from a dinner cruise in Budapest
January 26, 2016 1

4 Reasons to Take a Dinner Cruise in Budapest

Why taking a dinner cruise in Budapest is the best way to see the [...]


budapest in winter fisherman's bastion
February 4, 2016 0

Why you need to visit Budapest in Winter

Brush-stroked grey skies and soft patches of snow, the Hungarian [...]